Frequently Asked Questions

About Search System

Word searches are available in Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, Nepali, Nepali alphabet spelling and English. Fill out the query word in the search form and press "search" button or "enter key". If searching multiple words, try to search individual words. That is more reliable than searching a phrase. Here are some tips for your search.

- In the Nepali alphabet, long vowels(आ、ई、ऊ), palatal consonants(छ), labial consonants(भ), nasal sound(ङ、ञ、ण)are abbreviated. e.g. माया [maya] रूख [rukh] माछा [macha] भाषा [vasa] किरण [kiran]

- You can input Devanagari Unicode to search for Nepali words. If the search result fails, try to use fragments of the word. That might be useful if there is a spelling mismatch.

We are always trying to evolve for improve search usability. If you need more information please Contact Us.

Dictionary Detail

We recommend that you check the word in more than one of good dictionary, not just jpnplab.com because By looking up the meaning and usage of a word in all aspects, it is important to catch a feeling for the nuances of the word.
We take all possible precautions to make accuracy but if you find any typographical errors, spelling mistake please Contact Us.

How to Add New Word

Will you join to this dictionary project? and in creation of the best Japanese Nepali dictionary in the world. Your join will add to the vocabulary of the dictionary and it will share of the Language Asset with us. Submit word via the Add New Word form or send your request to Contact Us form. When a submission is adjusted by jpnplab.com, and it will become part of the dictionary. Take a long time, we believe that this dictionary will continue to grow and improve the quality at the same moment.

Is it possible to download edition?

Currently, this dictionary is in the planning stage. But now release is still undecided. For Android and iOS, you can place a shortcut to the jpnplab.com website on your home screen. you can access this site with one touch from the icon.

For Android Firefox:

  • Launch Firefox for Android and access the jpnplab.com website.
  • Tap the menu icon (3dots in upper right-hand corner)
  • Tap "Add to Home screen"
  • The shortcut appear on your home screen.
  • For iOS Safari:

  • Launch Safari for iOS and access the jpnplab.com website.
  • Tap the menu button (arrow mark from square)
  • Tap "Add to Home Screen"
  • "Add" and done.

  • Can I buy publish edition?

    This dictionary is currently available for online use only. Publish edition is preparing at coming 2021 winter. We will let you know more in detail later.